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I Have a Student with Dysgraphia – How Can I Help Him?

While much research has been conducted on learning disorders such as dyslexia, a lot is still unknown about dysgraphia, which is unfortunate since between 7% and 15% of students suffer from this problem. But what is dysgraphia and how can educators help students diagnosed with this disorder? Like dyslexia, dysgraphia is not related to intelligence but is an unanticipated difficulty with writing and spelling skills that…

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How to Keep the Class Focused Until Winter Break

With Thanksgiving over, the classroom countdown is on to winter break, no matter what age your students are. The question is, how can educators keep students on task and learning when they are so excited about the holidays? Fortunately, we have a few ideas that can help you and them focus on school before the long holiday vacation many of us are anticipating. Manipulatives are great…

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What Makes a Great Teacher

Elementary science teacher

Educators get into the field for many different reasons. Maybe it runs in the family. Maybe it’s been a lifelong dream. Or maybe, it sounds good to have summers “off.” Whatever the reason, there are qualities that make great teachers stand out among their peers. Excellent teachers: Are organized and prepared. Lessons are planned in advance and presented clearly. Classrooms are neat, appealing, and minimize potential…

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PrepForward runs workshop for education leaders from Kazakhstan

Ten delegates from Kazakhstan's Center for Pedagogical Measurements came to the US for a weeklong workshop to learn about the US educational system. The group oversees the support, training, evaluating, and testing of teachers in Kazakhstan. PrepForward assembled a team of three experts, including Dr. Vicki Bartolini, Wheaton College Professor of Education, Dr. David Bloomfield, CUNY Professor of Educational Leadership and Law, and Mary Stephens, CEO…

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Financial Responsibilities are Sometimes Prohibitive for Prospective Teachers

Not only does it take a lot of time to become a teacher, but it can also be quite expensive. College itself is a costly enterprise for most individuals, but when adding in expenses for student teaching, buying classroom supplies, as well as certification and teacher proficiency tests, many prospective educators must make major sacrifices. There has been a debate for years, which will likely continue…

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The Complexities of Teaching Reading

A major component of all teacher early education programs is teaching children to read. It is a crucial skill that is a predictor of later success in life. Many studies have demonstrated that individuals who do not master basic reading skills in elementary school are more likely to live below the poverty level, have criminal records, and don’t continue their education. Reading teachers often follow one…

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