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Who We Are

We are dedicated educators who are passionately committed to helping teachers succeed on their exams, in the classroom, and in their careers.  Our expert team offers extensive experience in online learning, teaching, and content development, so K-12 teachers can gain a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills they need. 

Leader in Teacher Preparation

PrepForward has helped thousands of educators with effective, flexible teaching preparation to increase student achievement.

We know the quality of education is defined by the leader at the center of the classroom. We’re here to help teachers now and at every stage of their career.

About PrepForward

Founded in 2007, PrepForward offers comprehensive K-12 teacher prep solutions for individuals, school districts, universities, departments of education, and alternative teacher prep programs across the country.

PrepForward focuses on preparing prospective teachers for licensure and helping existing teachers with professional development to support a diverse teacher workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be effective, confident leaders.

We deliver engaging asynchronous courses, webinars, workshops, coaching, office hours, tutoring, and progress monitoring—to help qualified teachers get started and stay in the classroom.

About University Instructors

PrepForward is owned by University Instructors LLC (UI), a Public Consulting Group Company. UI is a leading provider of K-12 learning, training, and staffing services with a commitment to helping overcome obstacles that exacerbate the teacher shortage crisis across the U.S.

UI has more than 25 years of experience providing schools and districts with evidence-based, effective instructional programs as well as the resources necessary for staff development, intervention initiatives, program implementation, supplemental instruction, and extended day and summer camp programs.

Our mission is to help students develop the skills, attitudes, and vision to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. In support of this mission, UI helps school districts build dynamic educator pipelines.

We’re here to help your program intrigue, challenge, and inspire students and educators through innovation, engaging concepts, and proven research.

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