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Our online, self-paced prep courses will ensure you are ready to pass your teacher licensing exams. You’ll have unlimited access to our targeted lessons, full-length practice tests, detailed explanations for every problem, rich diagnostic data, and expert instructor support!

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In addition to the courses listed below, we also offer state-specific offerings for the following states: Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


Available Courses


Praxis 5205 Teaching Reading Online Course: $450

Targeted instruction on areas including phonological awareness, vocabulary and fluency, writing, comprehension of texts, instructional decision making, and assessments.

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Foundations of Reading - Online Course - $450

Phonological and phonemic awareness, word analysis, reading comprehension strategies, the alphabetic principle, approaches to reading instruction, and assessment.

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Foundations of Reading - Diagnostic Exam - $25

50 problem simulation of the Foundations of Reading teacher certification exam with detailed reporting and answer explanations for every problem.

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K-6 Elementary Math - Online Course: $450

Functions, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, word problems, graphing, solving equations, and operations.

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Advanced Math - Online Course: $450

Algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, graphing, solving equations, trigonometry, calculus, and discrete math.

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Reading Comprehension - Online Course: $275

Reading analysis and comprehension skills, critical reasoning skills, and intensive vocabulary review.

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Language Arts & Writing - Online Course: $275

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar; sentence and paragraph construction; usage conventions; effective essay writing.

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K-6 Inclusion Course: $475

Covers autism, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, hearing impairments, speech & language disorders, vision impairments, emotional & behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, and physical & health disorders. For each disability, the course includes approaches for lesson planning, effective teaching, classroom management, assessment, strategies for outside the classroom, and technical support tools.

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State Licensure Exams

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