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Inclusive Classrooms

Preparing teachers to work with students with disabilities.

This online, self-paced course will provide comprehensive preparation for teachers to run a strong inclusive classroom that successfully integrates children with special needs in mainstream programs. It is ideal for prospective teachers or existing teachers who want to strengthen their knowledge of various disabilities and want to learn how to provide additional support to students in their general education classrooms. We are certified by state education boards as providers of continuing education and professional development units.

This inclusion course will provide information on conditions affecting learning, including
• Autism
• Learning Disabilities
• Hearing Impairments
• Speech & Language Disorders
• Vision Impairments
• Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
• Intellectual Disabilities
• Physical & Health Disorders

After taking this course, the student will be confident in their ability to effectively teach all students in an inclusive classroom.

Inclusion Course: $475

The course will provide insight into the challenges for learners and how the teacher can effectively support these students. For each disability, the course includes approaches for lesson planning, effective teaching, classroom management, assessment, strategies for outside the classroom, and technical support tools.

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