1. Pass Your State Licensing Exams

    Our courses have been proven to boost performance on licensing exams. Our pass rates are near perfect. Each interactive lesson is designed to cultivate a deep understanding of core concepts. Diagnostic exams and simulated practice tests mimic real certification test questions. Study and testing strategies help students build confidence. Detailed explanations accompany practice questions so that students understand how to approach questions, solve problems, and avoid mistakes. Expert instructors are on hand to provide support throughout! For more information, call 617-299-6835.

  2. Increase Your Knowledge

    Want to validate the subject mastery of current K-12 instructors or increase your own knowledge? Our solutions are comprehensive and rich. They include detailed reporting for administrators to measure teacher effectiveness. Our programs provide supplemental training for struggling education professionals and provide support for teachers switching grade levels, obtaining recertification, or seeking additional licenses.

    For more information call, 617-299-6835.

  3. Help Teachers From Your Institution

    We partner with K-12 districts, universities, continuing education departments, virtual degree programs, and alternative certification programs to serve their educators. As legislatures move towards more rigorous exams and higher cut-off scores, our programs contain the new content and proven strategies to help teacher candidates nationwide confidently pass their exams.

    Find out about our existing partnerships and how we may be able to help your teachers by calling 617-299-6835.

Partners Include:

Teach with Confidence

K – 12 teachers need to demonstrate mastery in math, reading, language arts, and writing. They also need to be comfortable teaching all students in an inclusive setting. PrepForward is the leader in helping teachers prepare for certification exams, refresh skills, and transition to new subjects and grade levels.

Our teacher preparation programs develop a deep understanding of fundamentals via affordable, online, self-paced courses that provide proven results. We support teachers at every stage of their careers, whether they’re preparing for certification exams or need professional development.

We have a commitment to help teachers nationally. We also offer programs designed specifically for teachers in some states. Please read more about these programs:

 Massachusetts    Illinois
North Carolina