Teacher Certification Prep

Academic Partnerships

Improve the effectiveness of the educators at your institution. Help your teachers prepare for licensure and build their skills for the classroom.

Flexible Partnerships

The delivery of our programs is customized to meet the needs of each institution. Some partners offer our courses as full semester long courses. Others use our programs as supplemental practice for their educators. Others take advantage of our detailed diagnostic tools to help analyze the effectiveness of their current teacher programs.

We work with many different types of partners to improve teacher effectiveness. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help educators in your institution.

Colleges & Universities

Our solutions are ideal for higher education institutions that would like to enhance their teacher preparation programs. Our programs are used as semester long courses, as supplemental support for students, as required programs for students, and as diagnostic tools for faculty. We work with each institution to determine the most effective way for implementing our solutions to prepare students.

K-12 Districts

School districts have many needs for supporting their current staff. For example, district teachers need professional development if they are seeking additional licenses, changing grades, or adopting new common core curriculum. In addition, paraprofessionals and other staff may need support in obtaining teacher certification. We work with K-12 districts, such as Boston Public Schools, to ensure their teachers are prepared for teaching effectively to improve student performance.

Professional Development & Continuing Education Departments

We offer professional development centers a cost-effective way to expand their current offerings to teachers. Our self-paced, online programs can be delivered at any time to teachers seeking continuing education to further their career goals.

Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

Many states allow teachers to obtain their licenses through alternative certification programs. These programs may need support in ensuring that their teachers are fully prepared for the classroom. We work with programs, including Boston Teacher Residency, in training their prospective educators.

Virtual Degree Programs

Online universities can partner with us to leverage our content to reach their students. Our flexible partnerships allow each virtual program to deliver our courses in a way that fits in with their existing courses.

What people are saying...

“PrepForward has been a valuable tool for our teachers as they prepare to take the Illinois licensing exam, the Test of Academic Proficiency. Corps members who’ve used the program note the effectiveness of the diagnostics as they prepare to meet state requirements for beginning teachers. We’re pleased to have this resource for our corps members as they begin their important work.”

– Sarah Thomas, Coordinator of Certification and Onboarding, Teach for America Chicago