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TAP Prep for AUSL Chicago

PrepForward and AUSL Chicago are working together to provide our Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) preparation materials at half price to you. We offer effective, flexible, self-paced courses and diagnostic exams. These online courses help you master the fundamentals and give you confidence to succeed on the exam and in the classroom.

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ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency - Mathematics Subtest - Full Course - AUSL Rate - $75

Algebra, geometry, data analysis, statistics, word problems, graphing, solving equations, and operations.

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency - Reading Comprehension - Full Course - AUSL Rate - $75

Reading analysis and comprehension skills, critical reasoning skills, and intensive vocabulary review.

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency - Language Arts & Writing Subtests - Full Course - AUSL Rate - $75

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar; sentence and paragraph construction; usage conventions; effective essay writing.

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency - Math, Reading, Language Arts, & Writing - AUSL Rate - $200

Package for preparing you for each subtest of the ILTS TAP. This option includes three courses:
TAP Math Course, TAP Reading Comprehension Course, and TAP Language Arts & Writing Course.