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MA Literacy OAPL Approved Courses – Registration Paused

Are you a MA educator or administrator currently employed in a role that is directly related to literacy or do you work in a program that prepares educators? 

You can strengthen your understanding of early literacy concepts while earning a stipend.  Register below.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

These self-paced, online courses are approved by MA DESE and will improve your understanding of early literacy concepts.  To receive professional development credit and the stipend, you must complete the course and receive a passing score on the final assessment.  

Registration is currently paused.  We will let you know when it opens again. 


PCG1 - Understanding the Science of Reading

This course introduces the science of reading using key research and models to illustrate how reading skills develop. The module also provides a strong overview on the factors contributing to reading difficulties and brain-based research on how different readers utilize their brains.

7 hours, $280 Stipend

PCG2 - Exploring Language and Phonology

This module explores oral and written language systems and the language foundations of reading. Additionally, the developmental progression of oral language and phonological awareness skills are covered with an emphasis on the importance of explicit phonemic awareness instruction.

8 hours, $320 Stipend

PCG3 - Phonics and Word Study Instruction

This course provides an overview of phonics and spelling instruction and what kindergarten through third graders need to know about morphology. The module also reinforces the research on the science of reading and the relationships of the conceptual models, the five components of effective reading, and how the brain learns to read.

10 hours, $400 Stipend

PCG4 - Creating Fluent Readers

This course focuses on the development of fluency and its relationship to comprehension. Additionally, it reviews the components of screening including determining fluency, accuracy and prosody levels, and how to develop fluency-building goals for struggling readers.

6 hours, $240 Stipend

PCG5 - Developing Vocabulary

This course reviews the research on vocabulary development, its language components, and how it contributes to reading comprehension. The module also covers strategies for vocabulary development, academic vs social language, the importance or explicit instruction, and the challenges these components pose for English learners.

7 hours, $280 Stipend

PCG6 - Increasing Reading Comprehension

This course explores how to provide the type of instructional practices students need to become successful readers of complex grade-level text. There is a focus on how to purposefully select text and how to use strategies to develop comprehension. The module concludes with a focus on different types of text structures and their impact on comprehension, reading comprehension strategies, and how to informally assess comprehension.

6 hours, $240 Stipend

PCG7 - Comprehensive Early Literacy PD

This in-depth course will strengthen educators’ understanding of early literacy concepts covering phonological and phonemic awareness, word analysis, reading comprehension strategies, the alphabetic principle, approaches to reading instruction, and assessment.

20 hours, $800 Stipend